Format and Scoring

Two five man “pools” are made in each weight class as follows:

Pool A are seeds 1, 4, 5, 8, 10
Pool B are seeds 2, 3, 6, 7, 9

There are five (5) preliminary round-robin rounds within each Pool. Each wrestler will have four (4) matches and one (1) ‘bye’ in the round-robin rounds. Then there will be one (1) Final match

Final Round
• The 1st place point finisher from each Pool will wrestle for 1st & 2nd in the Final match
•The 2nd place point finisher from each Pool will wrestle for 3rd & 4th in the final match
… and so on

Criteria for Pool ranking (in order)
• Best Record
• Head to Head
• Team Points Scored in the Pool
• Falls
• Technical Falls
• Major Dec
• Quickest Fall in Pool
• Coin

Team Point Scoring will be as follows:
Two (2) team points will be awarded for each win in each round-robin round. Additional team advancement points will be awarded as follows:
• 2 Points for Pins, Voids, Forfeits, and Defaults
o 1 1/2 Points for Technical Falls
• 1 Point for Major Decision

Final Round Placement Points
• 1st Place 16 points
• 2nd Place 12 points
• 3rd Place 10 points
• 4th Place 7 points
• 5th Place 5 points
• 6th Place 3 points
• 7th Place 1 point
• 8th, 9th & 10th – These places will wrestle in the Final round but no additional team points will be awarded.

Adams Invite Line Up

Rochester Adams
Michigan Center High School
Oxford High School
Pontiac High School
Stoney Creek High School


Format and Scoring